Welcome to WiseAnalytics

WiseAnalytics is a boutique consultancy and industry analyst firm addressing small and mid-sized companies’ business intelligence needs. This includes helping organizations make the right solution choices through consulting and advisory services, and providing industry research to identify best practices, market trends, and industry gaps.

Mid-Market Focus

Small and mid-sized organizations have unique challenges, whether by wanting a more agile environment, having limited budgets or resources, or having difficulty sifting through the broad solution choices available. These organizations need to understand the value proposition of BI as well as have a way to sift through multiple market offerings to select the right solution, while not being limited by budgeting or in-house resource constraints.

Services Offered

  • Consulting services for new BI projects
  • BI expansions
  • Vendor research and advisory services

Mid-Market BI Research

Here are some recent papers:

  • 5 Ways to Empower Business Analysts and Succeed in Self-Service
  • Checklist for Achieving BI Agility
  • Driving Embedded BI through Open Source Adoption