About Us

About WiseAnalytics

WiseAnalytics is a boutique analyst firm that conducts research and provides advisory services to organizations. Founded in October 2007, WiseAnalytics is a privately run organization that focuses on three areas:

  1. Consulting, advisory services, and targeted research for small and mid-sized organizations looking to implement business intelligence solutions, including data warehousing, dashboards, and analytics.
  2. Market research to identify industry trends, adoption of technologies and solutions, and the fit of vendor products within the business intelligence market.
  3. Analyst services and marketing support to solution providers within the business intelligence and data visualization space.

WiseAnalytics’ goal is to drive research initiatives at the grassroots level. This means initiating projects based on the needs and business pains faced by small and mid-sized organizations that are looking at business intelligence and dashboard solutions to help:

  • Identify and solve their business issues,
  • Increase internal process efficiencies,
  • Reduce costs,
  • Gain better visibility into customers, products, suppliers, etc.,
  • Increase competitive advantage, and
  • Enhance business performance and increase profits.

About Lyndsay Wise

Lyndsay Wise is the president and founder of WiseAnalytics. Lyndsay has 15 years of IT experience in business systems analysis, software selection, and implementation of enterprise applications. She provides consulting services for small and mid-sized companies and conducts research into leading technologies, market trends, BI products and vendors, mid-market needs, and data visualization.