Research Agenda for 2013

Here is a topic outline of WiseAnalytics’ research focus for the coming year. Each quarter will provide a set of deliverables based on the topics below:

Q1: Expansion of Mobile Adoption

Q2: Implications of Big Data

Q3: Transitioning BI Market Place (New Options for SMBs)

Q4: BI in the Cloud

Research project: Social BI which will provide (1) a clear definition of social BI, what disparities exist within the market, and what features companies need within their BI offerings to create a social BI environment, (2) social BI adoption patterns, (3) early best practices in social BI adoption, and (4) recommendations for social BI adoption and software evaluations.

For more details, please watch a recap of the Webinar overview of the research agenda for next year or download

Small and mid-sized companies

WiseAnalytics offers advisory and consultancy services to small and mid-sized organizations looking for dashboards and business intelligence solutions. These services include:

  • Scope identification – working with clients to identify their business pains and what they hope to achieve through business intelligence and metrics management.
  • Requirements gathering – the identification of business and technical requirements to identify current gaps and opportunities.
  • Solution recommendations and short listing – Based on the requirements gathering, WiseAnalytics provides solution recommendations, including vendor recommendations that include justification and general comparisons.
  • Relationship management between client and short listed vendors – liaise between vendors and client to manage POC (proof of concept) and general interaction.
  • Project management – manages the project through POC, implementation, testing, and rollout.

The goal of these services is to empower organizations to make the right software choices and to get the most out of their current business intelligence environments or their new implementations.

Solution Providers

Services for vendor services include:

  • Advisory services and individualized market research
  • White papers
  • Feature articles
  • Case studies
  • Webinar presentations
  • Speaking engagements
  • Market Landscape reports
  • End user survey research reports
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and satisfaction gap identification
  • Customized research